Sunday, May 26, 2019
"Cooperation for the development of competitive, safe and sustainable ports in the Americas"

Capacity Building Courses

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  1. Master in Logistics and Port Management (By invitation only)
  2. Master on Port Management and Intermodal Transport
  3. 33rd Advanced Course on Port Management and Operations
  4. Course on Port-City Relation

Past Courses

  • XIX Ibero-American Course on Port Technology, Operations and Environental Management XXIII Ibero-American Course on Port Management
  • Master in Port Management and Intermodal Transportation
  • Workshop on Port Security Management
  • XVIII Ibero-American Course on Port Technology, Operations and Environmental Management
  • 9th training course on “Women in Port Management
  • Online Course on Port Infrastructure in collaboration with the National Port Authority (APN) of Peru
  • 32nd Advanced Course on Port Operations and Management