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"Cooperation for the development of competitive, safe and sustainable ports in the Americas"

Awarded Best Practices and Outstanding Women in the Maritime and Port Sectors 2018

  • Green Operations in Ports and/or Terminals

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Bearing in mind the need to raise awareness and reduce water consumption, Tecon Salvador, Brazil, created the Water Conservation and Reuse Program – PCRA for it´s acronym in Spanish.  The average monthly water consumed was 1,627 m³ of drinking water, equivalent to $ 62,340.59 reales.

They proposed to reduce their consumption through methods such as the conservation and reuse of water, the implementation of a remote and online monitoring system of the entire hydraulic system, the control of demand for the management of pressures in the hydraulic system, the collection and treatment of rainwater, gray water and oily effluents for reuse for potable and non-potable purposes, respectively.

One of its greatest achievements was to accomplish a 50% reduction in water consumption after the first year of the system´s implementation and monitoring. In addition, since 2016, 32.5% of all the water consumption of the organization is fro the PCRA.

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  • Acercamiento con la Comunidad y Relación Puerto-Ciudad

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Puerto Ventanas, Chile, in its effort to support the Puchuncaví community in being a part of decision-making on local development, created the Puerto Abierto Community Center.

The proyect has several objectives:

  1. Promote instances and meeting points of the community through social, economic and cultural activities.
  2. Facilitate cultural, formative and participative initiatives providing resources, physical spaces and / or tools that facilitate their achievement.
  3. Contribute to the design, management and execution of initiatives and projects that contribute to the development and quality of life of the community of Puchuncaví.

Through its activities, the Community Center has allowed the inhabitants of the commune and surrounding areas to access workshops, trainings, cultural and recreational activities. The project has achieved that more than 40% of the inhabitants of Puchuncaví know directly the operations of Puerto Ventanas through the Visits Program, the training of 500 people in various instances and the participation of 700 people in various workshops annually, demonstrating that the the program has been effective and has had a significant impact on the community and the improvement of the port-city relationship.

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  •  Social Responsability

Resultado de imagen para aguadulce compass logoResultado de imagen para aguadulce compass logoDue to the poverty indexes in which they live, the limited quality of life of the inhabitants of Buenaventura Valle de Cauca and that suffer from a 62% unemployment rate, the Fundación Puerto Industrial AGUADULCE Buenaventura y Compas, Colombia, who also is an Associate Member of the CIP, committed to improving this situation they designed the EMPRENDEPAZ program.

The program consisted of promoting the economic inclusion of 385 families through the creation of decent jobs based on the entrepreneurial spirit of the community, contributing to the generation of institutional trust and the construction of projects for individuals and their families, as a contribution to the construction of peace in these resilient territories.

As a result and through technical assistance, the project achieved an increase of 60% of hectares planted with cocoa, banana and Chinese potatoes. In addition, 17 companies were created and / or strengthened: five of them in the service sector, five in the agricultural sector, two in gastronomy, two in culture, two in crafts and finally one in commerce.

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  • Maritime Award of the Americas 2018 in the Outstanding Women in the Maritime and Port Sectors category

The S / CIP is proud to honor Claudia Sanchez, General Director of Ports, General Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine (CGPMM in its Spanish acronym), Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT in its Spanish acronym), Mexico as a winner in the Outstanding Women category in the Maritime Sector and Port.

Claudia is the first woman to exercise the port authority in the history of Mexico. In addition, she has worked in the maritime-port sector for 30 years, starting his professional career in the Mexican shipping company Transportation Maritime Mexicana (TMM in its Spanish acronym) and continuing in the port operator SSA Mexico, a subsidiary of Carrix with operations in 11 countries and 230 port facilities in the world.

We highlight her remarkable professional career in the sector, advancing very specific actions to promote leadership in young women. Her leadership in promoting the equal participation of women in port matters in the region, incorporating both the public and private sectors, guarantees a greater commitment of the whole society. Also, its outstanding commitment to the development of a competitive and inclusive port sector in the Americas.

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