Sunday, September 15, 2019
"Cooperation for the development of competitive, safe and sustainable ports in the Americas"

Testimonials about the Ibero-American Course on Port Management

“The Ibero-American Course was a high level opportunity of cooperation and transfer of knowledge that contributes with the experience of professionals working in Public Port Institutions and organizations in Latin America. The course focuses on the context of developing the Spanish Port Sector in recent decades, with a large impact in the Public Policies of the European Economic Commission in favor of the development of transport logistics and Ports in a sustainable way, which becomes a model for Latin American integration and management. The several lectures and the content exposed by prominent executives who are in charge of the management and port development in the Port Authority of Spain and State Ports, give this Ibero-American course its maximum added value and use.”

– Alejandro Ocampo Tabares
Professional Customs Operations
Internal Working Group and Transit Cargo Control
Sectional Directorate of Taxes and Customs of Buenaventura

“I think an excellent course management was achieved. The technical tours were very profitable. I am thankful for the opportunity given; I consider it extremely valuable, both, professionally and personally. I appreciate the contribution of each participant from different nations, as undoubtedly they enriched the presentations about the Spanish Port System. All this allowed us to experience the common threats and opportunities as well as the sensitivity of all Port Systems, from geopolitical and economic changes in the world to the evolution of transport changes, routes and trade related technologies in global shipping, plus the social and economic agents involved in these systems.”

– Ibeth Lucía Rojas Márquez 
Civil Engineer
Panama Canal Authority

“The XX Port Management course adds value to our jobs as technicians and professionals of the Port area, presenting the legal and operational overview of the Spanish Port System, which allows us to extrapolate the knowledge and practice to our ports in Latin America. We appreciate the opportunity and encourage participants to seize these kinds of opportunities which provide us with valuable knowledge that makes us more competitive. This Course is definitely a plus in the resume of any port authority that wants to stand out internationally.”

– Rafael Morel
Co-Director of Sales
TLF Cargo
Dominican Republic

“The Course on Port Management is without a doubt the generator of value to every participant. The academic content we received from those working in key places in the Spanish Port System, not only transferred academic knowledge but also professional experience is invaluable. I wish to convey to all Latin American Port Authorities, that they have in this Ibero-American Course on Port Management a great opportunity to send their staff every year to grow in their professional and personal point of view. Thank you very much to all who have made this rich and moving experience.”

– Gonzalo Vidal 
Director of Terminal Cuenca del Plata
National Port Administration of Uruguay (ANP)