Sunday, September 15, 2019
"Cooperation for the development of competitive, safe and sustainable ports in the Americas"

CIP Secretariat


Jorge Durán, Jefe de la Secretaría de la CIP


For over 25 years, Jorge Duran has worked with the governments and private sector of the Americas in the design and implementation of development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Since 2003 Mr. Duran has served at the Organization of American States (OAS) as Senior Advisor in Technology for Development, Senior Manager for Municipal Development and Capacity Building, in 2012 as Chief of the Office of Science, Technology and Innovation and, since 2013, as Chief of the Secretariat of the Inter-American Committee on Ports (S/CIP).

He has been responsible for projects such as entrepreneurship strategies for MSMEs, innovation for competitiveness, micro business promotion through ICTs; on-line training; municipal development in e-government and cadastre; scientific journalism, university curricular improvement, maritime and port environmental protection programs and improved supply chain management logistics for increased competitiveness. Additionally, Mr. Duran has a proven record of establishing successful strategic alliances with the private sector.

Previously, Mr. Duran was Director of Regional Cooperation (1995-2000) and then Vice-President of International Affairs (2000-2002) at the Latin American Institute of Educational Communication (ILCE) in Mexico City.  Other positions include Advisor in Science and Technology Policy for the Presidency of Mexico (1990-1992) and Special Assistant to the Mexican Ambassador at the U.N. (1994).

Mr. Duran has also been an Associate Professor at the Tecnológico of Monterrey (1997-2000) and the Universidad Iberoamericana (1995-1997) where he designed and taught courses in Latin America’s Political Economy and History.  Mr. Duran has Masters’ Degrees, in International Affairs and Science and Technology Policy, from The George Washington University and double B.A. in Psychology and Latin American Studies from The American University in Washington DC where he currently resides.




Since 2014, Mona Swoboda is Project Coordinator at the S/CIP and facilitates the implementation of programs, projects and activities in line with CIP/OAS mandates with special emphasis on gender equality, inclusive policies, as well as maritime security.  In coordination with CIP/OAS Member Countries, she creates synergies with strategic public and private partner institutions for the inclusive and sustainable development of the Maritime and Port Sector of the Western Hemisphere.  Mona is also responsible for private sector outreach initiatives.

Before Mona began her work at the Organization of American States in 2013, as an intern for the Technical Cooperation Section at the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI), and later joined the S/CIP, she gained relevant experience in International Development with the German Development Agency (GIZ) in Asunción, Paraguay.

Mona graduated from the Free University of Berlin, Germany, with a Master´s Degree in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies with a Major in Sociology and Gender Studies. She holds a BA in Social Anthropology and a BA in North American Studies from WWU Münster University, Germany. She is fluent in German, English, and Spanish, with a working knowledge in French.



Cristina Rechy is Projects Coordinator for the S/CIP of the OAS. Ms. Rechy coordinates capacity building activities with CIP partner institutions in the Americas and Europe. She also provides support in project development and implementation of programs that contain mandates from the ministerial process in the framework of the OAS. Ms. Rechy coordinates communications of the S/CIP including the dissemination of the Associate Members e-Bulletin and the CIP Magazine that are distributed to targeted regional Port Authorities in Latin-America and the Caribbean.

Ms. Rechy has collaborated with the OAS since 2012 in the Office of Science, Technology and Innovation, and since 2015 at the CIP Secretariat. Previously, she was Field Marketing Specialist for information technology (IT) company Symantec Corporation (2008-2012). Other positions include Media and Public Relations Coordinator for IT companies such as SAP and APC-Schneider Electric (2004-2006).

Ms. Cristina Rechy has a Master´s Degree in Marketing from the University of Stirling, Scotland (2007-208), where she also volunteers as Mentor for the School of Management. She holds a bachelor degree in Communication Sciences by Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) in Mexico City, with a Diploma in Corporate Communications by the University of Westminster, in London, England (2004).




Montserrat Ambriz Rodríguez began his work at the OAS as intern of the Secretariat of the Inter-American Committee on Ports (CIP) (S/CIP) in 2015 and joined as a consultant in 2018. Previously, she acquired experience in the area of transport and logistics as Customer Service Manager at C.R England.

Montserrat has a degree in International Business with a specialization in logistics from the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Monterrey (ITESM). She has also completed several courses in Foreign Trade as well as a Diplomat on IMMEX subject taught by the firm AJR Foreign Trade Conulants and a Specialized Diplomat in Foreign Trade and Customs by MexiWorld and Logistics.

She is currently a Consultant in the Coordination of Projects at the S/CIP, where she provides technical assistance to the Port Authorities of the OAS Member States with the updating of their communication platforms, as well as in the organization and logistics of Hemispheric Conferences focusing on Competitiveness, Logistics and Sustainable Port Management.

Paola Beltran About us SCIP picture

Paola Beltran Madrid is a Consultant of the S/CIP Project Coordination, where she coordinates projects and gives assistance to the Port Authorities of the OAS Member States. She is in charge of S/CIP’s communication platforms, and assists in the organization of hemispheric conferences with focus on Competitiveness and Logistics, Security and Sustainable Port Management.

Paola began working at the OAS as an intern for the Competitiveness, Innovation and Technology Section at the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI) in 2018 and later joined the S/CIP as a consultant in 2019. Previously, she gained experience in communications and political sales coordination at NCC Media. She also interned at Women Political Leaders in Brussels, Belgium (2017) and at the Inter-American Foundation (2016), where she gained experience on leadership and political participation of women and in international development, focusing on migration and remittances, respectively.

Paola holds a B.A. in International Studies with a minor in Economics from The American University in Washington, DC with a thematic specialization in foreign policy and national security and a regional focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.


Cynthia Sanchez About us SCIP picture

Cinthia Sanchez Campos joined the OAS as an intern for S/CIP for Ports in the Spring 2019 session. She offers assistance in the organization of hemispheric conferences, the drafting of agendas, resolutions and reports of activities for political meetings. She supports the launch of calls for applications, the selection of candidates for the Maritime Award of the America and training courses. Other activities include participating in the publishing of the CIP’s monthly newsletter “CIP Highlights”, helping to redesign the portal, writing invitation letters and aide-mémoire, and translating documents.
She has gained experience in NGOs, private companies, and educational and governmental institutions, whether working formally, as an intern or as a volunteer. In 2018, she worked at HP Inc. and interned at Innatura GmbH in Germany. Previously, she collaborated with the General Rectory of the UdeG and the Swiss Consulate in Guadalajara in the publications of the books “Utopía y acción de Fray Antonio Alcalde, 1701-1792” and “Verde, Blanco y Rojo, El Legado Suizo enMéxico,” respectively. Finally, she volunteered at ESMEX Social Entrepreneurship Mexico designing the social enterprise MercaMovil, oriented to the production and distribution of food to the poorest communities of Guadalajara. 
Cinthia is to obtain her B.A. in International Relations at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), Mexico, with a focus in development. She speaks English and Spanish and has working knowledge of German.