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Conference Ports and Covid-19

May 12, 2020 - The conference "Ports and COVID-19," which was hosted by Duarte and Morales, a consulting boutique specialized in projects of infrastructure, project structure, predictive analytics and project management, achieved a reach of 350 participants from 23 countries around the world. The conference included high high-level speakers such as: Ricardo Sánchez, Senior Economic Affairs Officer, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Division, CEPAL; Jorge Durán, Chief of Secretariat of the Inter-American Committee on Ports (CIP); Robert W. West, Senior Economist, Duarte & Morales; and Rodolfo Sabonge, Ports Senior Consultant, Logitrans.

The purpose of said forum was to analyze the reality of ports during and after the pandemic. Furthermore, the specific topics expanded on by each speaker included: the post-covid global economic environment and the relationship with international trade; reactions and measures by national port authorities and governments as well as the next steps to be taken post-pandemic; the effect of COVID-19 on the forecast of vessel growth and how this situation impacts the balance of port concession contracts between ports and governments; and the impact on maritime trade routes and the impact on port operations in the Region and the Panama Canal.

This conference, which was held through a digital platform, proved to be an initiative that was welcomed and promoted cross-sector collaboration between governments and the private sector to share insights and best practices in times of great uncertainty. More importantly, it sets an example of resilience and an effort to share relevant information that can be used in benefit of the port community.

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