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Hemispheric cooperation for competitive, secure, sustainable and inclusive ports in the Americas.

Calendar of Activities 2020

The Calendar of Activities is a breakdown of all the CIP’s yearly events. From hemispheric technical conferences and political meetings to courses and technical assistance, the Calendar serves as a reference for the CIP Community on all the opportunities for involvement and/or participation.

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Political Meetings | Political Dialogue Follow-Up | Dissemination and Communication Materials


May8th Workshop on Port Security ManagementBridgetown, Barbados
May20th Ibero-American Course on Environmental Technology, Operations and ManagementSantander, Spain
June3rd Master’s in Port Management with the Argentina General Port Administration and the ValenciaPort Foundation, SpainBuenos Aires, Argentina
June2nd Course on Social Responsibility in the Maritime Port Industry with the National Port Authority of Peru (English)Online
June16th Session of the Women in Port Management Program IMO – IPER – Port of Le Havre Le Havre, France
September25th Ibero-American Course on Port ManagementMadrid, Spain
September34th Advanced Course on Port Management and Operations IMO-IPER – Port of Le HavreLe Havre, France
OctoberMaster’s on Port Management and Intermodal Transport with ValenciaPort Foundation, SpainValencia, Spain
NovemberCourse on Port-City Relation with the National Port Authority of Peru and Port Authority of Santander, SpainTBD
November9th Workshop on Port Security ManagementPort Canaveral, USA
TBDWebinar on Port Resilience and Business ContinuityOnline

Hemispheric Technical Conferences

May - 2nd or 3rd week
5th Hemispheric Conference on Sustainable Port Management and Environmental ProtectionVeracruz, Mexico
June 24 - 263rd Seminar on Social Responsibility, Gender Equality and Empowerment of WomenLima, Peru
September 16 - 184th Hemispheric Conference on Port SecurityMiami, USA
October 5 and 614th Port Maritime CongressGuatemala City, Guatemala
TBDHemispheric Seminar on Cyber Security in PortsTBD

Hemispheric Technical Conferences with CIP Participation

October 7-916th Oil Maritime Terminal and Monobuoy Operators’ Day (SLOM)Santiago, Chile
November 18-2029th Latin American Congress of Ports (AAPA)Cartagena, Colombia

Technical Assistance

September 2019 - February 2020Call for Applications “2019 Maritime Award of the Americas”Online
November 2019 - March 2020Assessment of the Port Modernization and DevelopmentSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
TBDGuide on Port-City Relation Good PracticesOnline
TBDCompendium on Waterways Studies Paraguay-ParanáOnline
TBDCompilation of Waterways Best PracticesOnline
TBDSurvey on Cruise Port InfrastructureOnline
TBDPort Incentives Program to Reduce GHG Emissions from Ships in Ports (RightShip)Argentina and Panama
2020-2021Improved Disaster Risk Management Capabilities for Ports in the CaribbeanEnglish-speaking Caribbean
TBDCourse on SDGs Compliance in Ports (AINV)Online

Political Meetings

August 5-712th CIP Regular Meeting/21st CECIP
Inter-American Forum of Successful Practices in Port Development
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Political Dialogue Follow-Up

February / SeptemberTechnical Advisory Group (TAG) Videoconference on Logistics, Innovation and CompetitivenessOnline
February / SeptemberTAG Videoconference on Public Policy, Legislation and RegulationOnline
March / OctoberTAG Videoconference on Tourism, Inland Ports and Waterways, Ship Services and Navigation SafetyOnline
March / OctoberTAG Videoconference on Sustainable Port Management and Environmental ProtectionOnline
April / NovemberTAG Videoconference on Social Responsibility, Gender Equality and Empowerment of WomenOnline
April / NovemberTAG Videoconference on Port Protection and SecurityOnline
July / NovemberVideoconference of the CIP Executive Board (CECIP)Online

Dissemination and Communication Materials

MonthlyNewsletter CIP HighlightsOnline
May (TBC)CIP Magazine Volume 30TBD
AugustCIP Magazine Volume 31Buenos Aires, Argentina