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Hemispheric cooperation for competitive, secure, sustainable and inclusive ports in the Americas.

Tourism, Inland Ports and Waterways, Ship Services and Navigation Safety

Tourism, Inland Ports and Waterways, Ship Services and Navigation Safety TAG

Alberto Diaz

President, National Port Administration (ANP), Uruguay

Welcome to the Technical Advisory Committee (CTC) on "Tourism, Waterways and Inland Ports, Ship Services and Navigation Safety"

We are very pleased to continue to be part of the Executive Committee of CIP-OAS, on this occasion from this TAG. It is undoubtedly a new challenge, which we hope to lead in the best possible way, this time in a very ample Committee with several different topics.

We hope to confirm Paraguay’s Vice-Chair ship in the first meeting of the Committee, whether it is virtual or in person.

Our approach, beyond the commitments assumed before the CIP-OAS when chairing a Committee, will be as follows:

  1. Regarding Waterways, creating a compendium of the main works that emerge from the studies of Hidrovía Paraná - Paraguay, which have been carried out in recent years as a contribution from the Intergovernmental Committee of Waterways.
  2. Legislation, comparing existing and successful waterways, mainly in Europe.
  3. A special consideration for River Tourism, exploring an approach with river cruise shipping companies that operate in other regions in order to promote and help visualize the possibilities for the Americas on this activity.
  4. We propose that the Committee's Hemispheric Conference is held on September or October 2019, which coincides with an event that Uruguay organizes with the Ministry of Tourism related to the Cruise season, since participation of the main shipping companies of international cruises is already committed.
  5. We remain attentive to the incorporation of the topics proposed, in principle, by the countries that make up the Committee and then to those by the CIP Secretariat.

I send my most cordial greetings to all the members of the Technical Committee, the CIP Executive Committee and to all Member Countries and Associate Members.

Ing. Naval Alberto Díaz Acosta

President of A.N.P., Uruguay

Head of Uruguay before the CIP-OEA