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Hemispheric cooperation for competitive, secure, sustainable and inclusive ports in the Americas.

Political Dialogue

Promoting an effective and constant political dialogue amongst national port authorities is one of the four objectives of the Inter-American Committee for Ports (CIP) to advance in the development of a competitive, secure, sustainable and inclusive port sector.

In order to foster political dialogue, the CIP holds two types of meetings:

  • CIP Regular Meetings
    • Every two years, the CIP Regular Meetings are held for the highest national port authorities in the hemisphere on the six priority areas on which the Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) focus. These political meetings foster effective communication and collaboration between the 35 port authorities of the region as well as port and maritime officials and decision-makers from the private sector.
  • CECIP Meetings
    • The CIP Executive Board (CECIP) meetings take place every year and thus conducted under the aegis of the Regular Meeting every two years. They gather the TAGs elected Chairs and the CIP Secretariat (S/CIP).