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Hemispheric cooperation for competitive, secure, sustainable and inclusive ports in the Americas.


In addition to political meetings and according to the CIP Rules of Procedure, each National Port Authority that Chairs a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) must organize a hemispheric event on the TAG topic within a two-year period. Thus, the CIP Secretariat (S/CIP), in collaboration and with the support of National Port Authorities, organizes hemispheric technical conferences, seminars and workshops.

Additionally, the S/CIP also organizes events in other topics with Associate Members and/or strategic partners,

Finally, the S/CIP frequently participates as a Speaker in many high-level port events and conferences such as the Latin American AAPA Annual Meeting, the Congreso Maritimo Portuiario of Guatemala, IAPH meetings, COCATRAM events, USCG workshops, and many others.

From political meetings and courses to technical assistance, the Calendar serves as a reference for the CIP Community on all the opportunities for involvement and/or participation.