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Hemispheric cooperation for competitive, secure, sustainable and inclusive ports in the Americas.

About the TAG

Chair: Mexico

Vice Chair: United States

The main challenges of the Inter-American port sector in a global economy are increased innovation, productivity and competitiveness in a sustained way along the supply chain. The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Logistics, Innovation and Competitiveness aims to provide technical advice to the Committee on specific aspects of the port sector development in the hemisphere regarding this TAG working area. The TAG is made up by all Member States as well as Associate Members, including private sector firms and NGOs.

CIP Members States to address these challenges, should strengthen the high-level dialogue, promote competitiveness in the sector, public management capacity in decision-making with a holistic approach, technical capabilities high-level management and logistics operations, trade facilitation, including the production of statistics, analysis of costs and fees and financial analysis.

The TAG on Logistics, Innovation and Competitiveness advises the CIP for decision -making regarding the modernization and efficiency of the ports of the region in areas such as service and cargo handling, port charges, statistics, supply chains, promote port-city relations and promote corporate social responsibility.