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Hemispheric cooperation for competitive, secure, sustainable and inclusive ports in the Americas.

Port Protection

and Security

Port Protection and Security TAG

David Jean-Marie

Chair of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Port Protection and Security

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Barbados Port Inc.

At the Eleventh Regular Meeting of the OAS CIP Inter-American Forum of Successful Experiences in Port Development and Nineteenth Meeting of the Executive Board of the Inter-American Committee on Ports held August 1 – 3, 2018 in Mexico City, Barbados was elected to chair the Technical Advisory Group on Port Protection and Security. It is an honour which is not taken lightly, and a commitment was made to ensure active participation in all fora to maintain safe and secure ports as the port and maritime sectors in the Americas develop.

“Port security is an essential part of the safe, secure, and competitive operation of the maritime transportation system. It promotes the development of commerce and is an essential element in maritime trade competitiveness, which cannot be achieved merely by modernizing port infrastructure and increasing operating productivity.” (U. S. Department of Transportation 1997)

As port operation systems become more technologically based and driven, the need for robust systems which can unify our regional ports through information sharing and common practices is apparent. This is further compounded by the need to equally invest in our human capital. As we secure our physical ports, we must also guard against cyber threats, and be prepared to respond to all incidents more rapidly through enhanced situational awareness and unified command and control systems.

Security cannot inhibit commerce but should never be compromised. Balance can only be best met, if all stakeholders take an active interest. This philosophy will dictate our decisions and actions within our borders, and is what Barbados will seek to perpetuate as Chair, while supporting the attainment of other regional goals.