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Hemispheric cooperation for competitive, secure, sustainable and inclusive ports in the Americas.

About the TAG

Chair: Peru

Vice Chair: Honduras

The objective of the TAG is to assist countries with Sustainable Port Management initiatives and activities that promote the Protection of the marine environment. In addition, and in more general terms, each TAG, in the Priority Thematic Area of its competence, will have the following functions:

  1. Identify, collect and disseminate information on successful practices in Member States;
  2. To organize, with the support of the Secretariat, at least once in the next two years, a hemispheric conference on the topics of its competence, to be attended by national authorities, panelists, delegates, guests and interested parties;
  3. Organize at least one training activity or workshop during its management, as well as promote the development of studies, surveys and technical documents on relevant TAG topics to encourage dialogue among its members (Annex I).
  4. Collect and organize the academic and professional content for the realization of a distance course for the strengthening of technical capacities (Annex I);
  5. Facilitate bilateral, triangular and hemispheric cooperation with the collaboration of its members in specific projects and initiatives;
  6. Support the work of the Secretariat in identifying opportunities to expand the provision of training to Member States;
  7. To request, elaborate proposals and recommendations on policies and strategies and present them to the CIP through the CECIP;
  8. Prepare reports on their activities to elevate them to the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the CECIP;
  9. To promote the incorporation and participation of Member States with a special emphasis on the incorporation of associate members.


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