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Hemispheric cooperation for competitive, secure, sustainable and inclusive ports in the Americas.

Legal Framework to Promote and Regulate the Digital Transformation of Latin America's Ports

The digital transformation in the port sector allows the automatization of functions, as well as the communication and electronic exchange of information between government authorities and private actors through digital platforms.

Therefore, the international community seeks to accelerate the digitalization of ports. In particular, the World Trade Organization, the International Maritime Organization and the United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business have developed voluntary or mandatory guidelines to promote the adoption of digital platforms called single windows to facilitate communication and electronic exchange of information between the different actors involved in the clearance of goods and ships in ports.

In this context, the study conducted by Dr. Elizalde Director of the Western Regional Law Department of the School of Social Sciences and Government of the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara, Mexico, aims to provide recommendations and suggestions to generate a national regulatory framework for the use of single windows and disruptive technologies in ports.

To download the study, please click here.

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