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Hemispheric cooperation for competitive, secure, sustainable and inclusive ports in the Americas.

Master on Port Management and Intermodal Transport

The Secretariat of the Inter-American Committee on Ports (S/CIP) of the Organization of the American States (OAS) and Valenciaport Foundation are pleased to announce the Master on Port Management and Intermodal Transport (MGPT) that will take place in Valencia, Spain from October 15, 2020 - June 26, 2021. The organizers will award a maximum of two (2) scholarships to port professionals who are citizens of any CIP-OAS Member State and who meet the selection criteria. Please find enclosed the bases of the call for applications (Spanish only).

Each applicant should submit all documents in electronic format to Ms. Montserrat Ambriz from the CIP Secretariat at  cc., no later than July 1st , 2020.

In order to verify that the application and support documents are properly completed and correct, the organizers recommend the aspirants to send their applications before the deadline. All candidates that are incomplete or submitted after the deadline will not be considered in the selection process.

Please note that the course will be taught in Spanish, so it is a mandatory requirement to master the language.

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