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Hemispheric cooperation for competitive, secure, sustainable and inclusive ports in the Americas.

Maritime Award of the Americas

Maritime Award of the Americas

I. About

The port sector is vital for global socio-economic development. In Latin America and the Caribbean, about 95% of exports are mobilized through ports, making them a driver for regional growth. Recognizing the important role of the sector in boosting competitiveness and contributing to the integral development of the Hemisphere, the Secretariat of the Inter-American Committee on Ports (CIP) of the Organization of American States (OAS) promotes the development of competitive, secure, sustainable, and inclusive ports with efficient operations that have a low impact on the environment and bring prosperity to the societies in which they operate.

II. Objective

Since its launch in 2014, the Maritime Award of the Americas is organized by the CIP Secretariat, in collaboration with strategic partners such as the Latin American Society of Marine Oil Terminal Operators and Single-Buoy Mooring (SLOM), the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), the OAS Department of Sustainable Development (DSD), and the OAS InterAmerican Commission of Women (CIM). It recognizes outstanding contributions and successful practices in the maritime and port sectors of the Hemisphere that demonstrate excellence, innovation, leadership, sustainability, and replicability.

Outstanding Women in the Maritime and Port Sectors

Recognizing the fundamental role women play in the political, economic, social, and cultural development of the Hemisphere, the CIP encourages them to take leadership in both public institutions and the private sector. In line with the its Action Plan, the Inter-American Committee on Ports (CIP) promotes an inclusive, competitive, and socially responsible port system. As women are essential to boosting competitiveness, the CIP aims at empowering female professionals in the port sector of the Americas.

The Maritime Award of the Americas: Outstanding Women in the Maritime and Port Sector, organized by the CIP, brings together the OAS Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) and other relevant institutions to promote gender equality in the sector.


2024 CIP Maritime Award of the Americas

Anniversary Edition

“A Decade of Recognizing Outstanding Port Management”

The submission of applications is closed.

For the winners of the 2024 Maritime Award of the Americas, please click here.

Contact Mona Swoboda, Program Manager, CIP ( to receive further information.